FLT-SEC-ZP Dòng chống sét Spark Gap T1+T2 chuyên dụng cho Busbar

Lightning arrester, in accordance with Type 1 / Class I, for 3-phase power supply networks, with separate N and PE (L1, L2, L3, PE, N). For lightning protection equipotential bonding in accordance with lightning protection levels III and IV. For mounting on 40 mm busbar systems. The FLT-SEC-ZP is the combined lightning current and surge arrester for protecting residential buildings and multi-purpose buildings. Save time and space, thanks to the narrow overall width and tool-free mounting. Benefit from a practical base latch, which makes it possible to latch onto busbars of all thicknesses.

Your advantages

  • Fast and error-free installation, thanks to direct mounting on the 40 mm rail system
  • Fits into every distribution board, thanks to a choice of overall width – 47 mm or 52 mm
  • Secure and tool-free mounting, thanks to universal locking on 5 mm and 10 mm thick busbars
  • Free of line follow current, thanks to an innovative spark gap

Main features

  • Narrow overall width of just 47 mm
  • Test button for state monitoring
  • Additional protective conductor terminal point
  • Free of leakage current, suitable for use in the unmetered area
  • Low voltage protection level of 1.5 kV
  • Test button for electrical status indicator
  • Fulfills all requirements in accordance with DIN VDE 0100-534

Các sản phẩm thông dụng dòng FLT-SEC-ZP

STT Mã đặt hàng Mã sản phẩm
1 1074739 FLT-SEC-ZP-3C-255/7,5
2 1032204 FLT-SEC-ZP-3C-255/12,5
3 1032207 FLT-SEC-ZP-3S-255/12,5
4 1074741 FLT-SEC-ZP-3S-255/7,5