EmPro- Dòng đồng hồ đo và phân tích năng lượng đa chức năng Phoenix Contact

Là dòng sản phẩm đông hồ đo và phân tích năng lượng đa chức năng của Phoenix Contact . Empro hỗ trợ đa dạng truyền thông  như Modbus , Profinet , EthernetIp.  

Đồng hồ đo và giám sát năng lượng đa năng

Energy measuring devices and energy meters

Dễ dàng giám sát năng lượng

Empro kết hợp với dòng sensor đo lường thông minh giúp việc nâng cấp đặc biệt là cải tạo hệ thống giám sát năng lương.

Đáp ứng tất cả yêu cầu về hệ thống đo lường giám sát năng lượng


Ưu điểm

  • Always the right product for every application, from MID-certified energy meters right through to multifunctional energy measuring devices
  • The fastest way to energy measurements, thanks to intuitively configurable measuring devices
  • Versions for the simple direct connection of Rogowski coils from any manufacturer
  • Fast integration into control and management systems, thanks to future-oriented communication solutions and digital services
  • EMpro energy measuring devices are a part of the COMPLETE line system

The fastest way to measuring you energy consumption

Identify savings potentials for improving energy efficiency and create the basis for energy management EMpro energy measuring devices acquire your energy data and communicates this to superordinate control and management systems. Configure and integrate the devices in just a few steps, thanks to the web-based, user-guided installation wizards. Digital services and global access through cloud access provide you with a high degree of availability and transparency.

Acquisition and communication of precise cost-center-specific energy data

Acquisition and communication of precise cost-center-specific energy data
The MID energy meters are used for billing cost centers. The measuring devices record the most important electricity parameters and make this data available to superordinate control systems via the common communication interfaces Your advantages:
  • Easy integration into existing bus or network structures with M-Bus, Modbus/RTU, or Modbus/TCP
  • Easy integration into Modbus applications via uniform register tables with EMpro energy measuring devices (EEM-MAxxx main measured values, not with EEM-EM32X)
  • Save space in the control cabinet, thanks to an overall width of just 72 mm
  • Save time and costs, thanks to versions with direct measuring without external current transformers

Danh mục sản phẩm Empro thông dụng

STT Mã đặt hàng Mã sản phẩm
1 2907980 EEM-MA370-R
2 2907985 EEM-MA371-R
3 2907983 EEM-MA370
4 2908307 EEM-MA371
5 2907984 EEM-MB370-PN
6 2908308 EEM-MB371-PN
7 2907971 EEM-MB370-EIP
8 2907976 EEM-MB371-EIP
9 2907954 EEM-MB370
10 2907955 EEM-MB371
11 2907944 EEM-MA770-R
12 2908285 EEM-MA771-R
13 2907945 EEM-MA770
14 2908286 EEM-MA771
15 2907946 EEM-MA770-PN
16 2908301 EEM-MA771-PN
17 2907953 EEM-MA770-EIP
18 2908302 EEM-MA771-EIP